Sessions Theme 1.x

TimeRoomSessionSession nameModerator
W1 R1 1.1.A Models, scenarios of the global future - global dynamics Monasterolo
1206 Does Environmental Kuznets curve exist in the context of forest use? Implications of a global integrated ecological-economic model of forest recovery
Benedek, Zsófia
1370 Beyond World 3: a new system dynamics model for global sustainability analysis
Monasterolo, Irene
1077 The needs for food, feed and fuel: transitions and interactions on a global scale
Nonhebel, Sanderine
1493 Prosperous human society within planetary boundaries: measuring the declining carbon intensity of life expectancy
Steinberger, Julia K.
W2 R1 1.1.B Models, scenarios of the global future - model types Lawn
1413 A climate change scenario that is ecologically sustainable, fair, and welfare-improving
Lawn, Philip Andrew
1107 The politics of macroeconomic modelling for sustainability
Urhammer, Emil
1153 Analyzing Energy Policies in a Stock-Flow Consistent Agent-Based Macroeconomic Model
Wäckerle, Manuel
1238 Is Happy Sustainability an Existing Lifestyle
Csutora, Maria
1360 Planetary Boundaries, Ecological Debt, and the Efficiency Treadmill: Forty Year Trends
Malghan, Deepak
T1 R1 1.1.C Models, scenarios of the global future - Policy options Mauerhofer
1926 Interpretation of Ecological Integrity in the Sense of Planetary Boundaries: A New Way Forward for Implementing Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Mauerhofer, Volker
1606 Understanding disaster risk and resilience for effective climate policy: requirements and ways forward
Mechler, Reinhard
1322 Shales vs. Renewables: Using The Capital Markets to Address Climate Change
Rogers, Deborah Lawrence
1337 Maximising affluence within the planetary boundaries
Heijungs, Reinout
1705 Isn't it time to put human population growth and attendant consumption back on the radar screen?
Limburg, Karin E.
T2 R1 1.1.D Models, scenarios of the global future - regional cases Ding
1724 Assessing Impacts of A Large Engineering Project on Ecosystem Services at the Regional Level-A Case Study of the Middle Route Project of the South-North Water Transfer Project in China
Ding, Xiaohui
1655 Accounting for climate disasters: costs of extreme events in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Frickmann Young, Carlos Eduardo
1766 The Ring of Fire mining development project in the Far North of Canada: Can prosperity for all be achieved and at what cost?
Pastoret, Corinne
1521 Ecological Economic Modeling in Decision Support for Sustainability Scenarios
W1 R2 1.2.A Food, Feed and Bioenergy: Planetary boundaries related to land use and net primary production; Proposed session Krausmann
1161 Conflicts, trade-offs and constraints in harvesting biomass for carbon dioxide removal
Powell, Tom
1484 An NPP related approach to analyse global grazing pressure
Fetzel, Tamara
1214 A NPP perspective on global cropland productivity: analyzing the trade-offs between societal gains and ecological costs of yield increases.
Niedertscheider, Maria
1121 Human biomass use and HANPP: A global long term analysis of biomass use and NPP related planetary boundaries
Krausmann, Fridolin
1652 Institutional Compatibility Assessment for more Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Degraded Steppe Soils in Russia
Jelinek, Ladislav
T1 R2 1.2.B1 Resource use in transition: past and future developments of stocks and flows; Proposed session Eisenmenger
1400 Accounting for material flows around the world - the SERI/WU MFA database before the background of global accounting approaches
Lutter, F. Stephan
1786 An Indicator framework for a comprehensive evaluation of resource efficiency (DESIRE)
Eisenmenger, Nina
1285 Current state of and future options for the global economy’s circularity
Haas, Willi
1785 Resource use – where are we heading for? Global resource use scenarios until 2050
Eisenmenger, Nina
T2 R2 1.2.B2 Resource use in transition: past and future developments of stocks and flows; Proposed session Eisenmenger
1361 Efficient material management on an EcoIsland
Busch, Jonathan
1081 BOUNDARIES Metabolic transformation in the river plate basin: Modern agriculture, nutrients flows and regional boundaries
Pengue, Walter Alberto
1154 Global long-term dynamics of material stocks and flows in infrastructure and buildings, from 1900-2010
Wiedenhofer, Dominik
W2 R2 1.2.C constraints on resources: policies and technologies Raberto
1532 Designing Industrial Sustainability Policies in the Agent-Based Macro-Economic Framework EURACE
Raberto, Marco
1731 Geothermal sustainability assessment protocol
Shortall, Ruth
1405 Energy Regime Change and Institutionalism: Understanding Developments in Carbon Capture and Storage
Toikka, Arho
1758 Potential Impact of Transition to a Low-Carbon Transport System in Iceland
Shafiei, Ehsan
T3 R2 1.2.D constraints on resources: economic constraints Bartke
1222 Are real estate valuers constraining sustainable land use?
Bartke, Stephan
1290 Assessing the Environmental Footprint of Financial Decisions with a Shadow Impact Calculator
Ritchie, Justin
1782 Private costs on water conservation: Study case at Cantareira-Mantiqueira Corridor Region
Sarcinelli, Oscar
Edith, Dobre Mihaela
F1 R2 1.2.E constraints on resources: methodological issues Kimmich
1593 How to integrate institutions into an Agent-Based Model? An example from the wood sector in Switzerland
Kimmich, Christian
1459 Multiple technologies in an input-output framework: the role of constrained primary resources
Bouwmeester, Maaike C.
1612 Integrating environmental accounting and ecosystem services assessment
Häyhä, Tiina
1082 An Input-Output/ System Dynamics Approach to Regional Ecological-Economic Modeling: An Application to the Restoration of the Seine Estuary, France
Uehara, Takuro
F3 R2 1.2.F constraints on resources: economic valuation Marcone
1283 Environmental Economic Valuation: a tool for rationalising public policy or a strategic instrument? The example of the elaboration of Programme of Measures for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
Marcone, Océane
1146 New insights on the valuation of water as a scarce resource: revisiting the impact of ordering effects on sensitivity to scope in contingent valuation
Martin-Ortega, Julia
1061 Changing farm type as an adaptation to climate change: Can it help European farmers?
Van Passel, Steven
F2 R2 1.2.G constraints on resources: conflicts Gorostiza Langa
1568 Potash Mining Struggles as Ecological Distribution Conflicts in the Bages Region, Spain (1926-2013)
Gorostiza Langa, Santiago
1188 Towards a better understanding of environmental conflicts in Turkey: Statistical political ecology meets with societal metabolism
Ozkaynak, Begum
1442 A social multi-criteria evaluation approach to open-up social debate in mining conflicts. The case of Intag, Ecuador.
Walter, Mariana
W1 R3 1.3.A Ecosystem services and biodiversity Wünscher
1270 Payments for environmental services as a mechanism to promote biodiversity conservation in a Green Economy: Potentials and limitations
Wünscher, Tobias
1385 Green Infrastructure as a bridging concept between biodiversity protection and the Green Economy?
Kaphengst, Timo
1570 Valuing ecosystem services – panacea or Pandora’s box for biodiversity conservation?
Spangenberg, Joachim H.
F1 R4 1.3.B Climate change and ecosystem services Tanvir Hussain
Barrena Ruiz, José
1407 Insurance value of land management scenarios under climate change: Trade-offs between ecosystem services and between stakeholder groups
Tanvir Hussain, Abul Maala
F2 R4 1.3.C Land use and ecosystem services Stoll-Kleemann
1080 Cultural Ecosystem Services as facilitator for sustainable land management in South-East Asian rice landscapes
Stoll-Kleemann, Susanne
1149 Implementation Challenges of Conservation Tenders in Developing Countries
Wünscher, Tobias
1643 Can Ecosystem Services be leveraged to link social and environmental goals in dynamic Eastern Himalayan mixed-use landscapes?
Seidler, Reinmar
1636 Integrating economic valuation with land use planning in Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Basin
Kocian, Maya
W3 R5 1.3.D Ecosystem services, equality and human wellbeing Gasparatos
1196 Jatropha production in Malawi and Mozambique: delineating ecosystem services and human wellbeing trade-offs
Gasparatos, Alexandros
1340 Income inequality and willingness to pay for ecosystem services
Meya, Jasper Nikolaus
1717 Inequalities and ecological economics: crossing the capability approach and ecosystem services
Ballet, Jerome
1601 Connecting Ecosystem Services, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Business Development: Cluster-Based Economic Development and Ecosystem Valuation
Nash, Julie
T1 R4 1.3.E Governance and ecosystem services Lawn
1200 Is Brazil really doing well? Measuring GPI for the Brazilian Economy
Caixeta Andrade, Daniel. Presented by Philip Lawn
1354 Safeguarding diverse ecosystem services from north Australia’s tropical savannas
Greiner, Romy
1614 Developers and intermediaries of payments for ecosystem services (PES) – who are crucial actors behind successful PES types in developed countries?
Matzdorf, Bettina
1794 Mining Offsets in Madagascar: how to settle the socioeconomic and environmental compromise?
Ménard, Sophie
T2 R4 1.3.F Governance and ecosystem services D'Amato
1243 Socio-economic valuation of ecosystem services and its role in informing public and private decision making: insights from Chinese forest ecosystems.
D'Amato, Dalia
1393 Nested Institutions for the governance of ecosystem services on a finite planet
Kolinjivadi, Vijay
T1 R3 1.3.G Valuing ecosystem services I Friend
1395 Social implications of benefit-sharing arrangements in conservation policies: the case of Indonesia
Hein, Jonas
2034 Pluralism of objects, functions and values in the system of accounts for global entropy production (SAGE-P): Double entry (nonlinear) bookkeeping for TEEB.
Friend, Anthony
T2 R3 1.3.H Valuing ecosystem services II Völker
1353 Valuing unfamiliar ecosystem services with complicated methods: A learning design for Choice Experiments.
Völker, Marc
1388 Ecological Goods and Services from Prairie Wetlands: Valuation and Trade-offs
Belcher, Ken
1397 Use of modeling approaches for ecosystem service quantification in performance-based PES
Sattler, Claudia
1463 Can’t see the wood for the trees: Renewable energy landscapes assessment beyond monetary valuations.
Smith, Darrell Jon
T3 R3 1.3.I Valuing ecosystem services III Kocian
1638 Updating Benefit-Cost Analysis for Improved Floodplain Investments
Kocian, Maya
1779 The Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services - A Discrete Choice Experiment Application to Residents in Germany
Hirschfeld, Jesko
1440 Reconciling views and values of Ecosystem Services for sustainability? – Thoughts and tools from the Belgium Ecosystem Services community.
Dendoncker, Nicolas
1566 Rethinking the Costs of Inaction - The Case for An Ecosystem Service Approach
Meyer, Ina
F3 R4 1.3.J Agriculture and ecosystem services Jonsson
1457 Trade-offs between crop yield and other ecosystem services in agricultural systems: The case of Llanada Alavesa, Basque Country.
Balbi, Stefano
1708 Agricultural policy and landscapes for biodiversity: Policy targets and instruments for biodiversity in open lowlands in the context of the Nature Index for Norway
Gaasland, Ivar
1775 A framework for assessing the economic value of soil ecosystem services
Jónsson, Jón Örvar G.
W2 R3 1.3.K1 Synthesizing different perspectives on the value of ecosystem services; Proposed session Kronenberg
1106 Towards an integrative framework for the valuation of ecosystems services in monetary and non-monetary terms
Gómez-Baggethun, Erik
1166 Integrating monetary and non-monetary valuation using deliberative, psychometric and narrative based methods: case studies at multiple scales
Kenter, Jasper O.
1722 Integrating multiple ecosystem service values by social multi-criteria evaluation - an application to inform urban policy making
Langemeyer, Johannes
W3 R3 1.3.K2 Synthesizing different perspectives on the value of ecosystem services; Proposed session Kronenberg
1054 Counterpoints to the Neoclassical Economics Valuation of Nature – Examples of Biophysical and Cultural Valuation Methodologies
Patterson, Murray Graham
986 Insurance value of urban ecosystems in the face of disturbance, climate change and management error
Jakub, Kronenberg
991 Non-utilitarian values will be eroded: conservation practitioner perspectives on the potential of integrating plural values in a decision-context
Fisher, Janet A.
F1 R3 1.3.L1 Impact assessment of conditional payments for environmental services; Proposed session Corbera
1422 A scale of greys: global patterns of PES implementation.
Ezzine-de-Blas, Driss
1692 Change in farmers’ land use patterns and expectations through conditional payments in a watershed in Indonesia
Lapeyre, Pirard, Leimona, Renaud, Romain, Beria
1706 The result-based agri-environment scheme in Baden-Württemberg: a PES in the agricultural sector
Esteve, Corbera
1709 A review of payments for ecosystem services in tropical and sub-tropical countries: a closer look at effectiveness and equity
Calvet-Mir, Laura
1737 How effective are biodiversity conservation payments in Mexico?
Costedoat, Sébastien
2030 The efficiency of the Walloon agri-environmental scheme (AES): Who are the farmers making an environmental effort to participate in?
Polard, Audrey
F2 R3 1.3.L2 Impact assessment of conditional payments for environmental services; Proposed session Driss Ezzine de Blas
1748 A critical analysis of methodologies evaluating biodiversity value in offset banking
Froger, Géraldine
1733 The Social (Carbon) Network: coordination, conventions theory and carbon offset credits
Hendrickson, Cary Yungmee. Presented by Estelle Corbera.
1752 Adoption of environmental friendly practices in agriculture: impact of environmental benefit incentive program in Costa Rica
Le Coq, Jean-Francois
1753 Exploring the diversity of motivations to join Payment for Environmental Services (PES): case of Costa Rica PES
Le Coq, Jean-Francois
1295 The Role of Local Level Institutions for Forest Management in Mexico’s National Payments for Ecosystem Services Program
Shapiro-Garza, Elizabeth
F3 R3 1.3.M Economic valuation of marine and coastal ecosystem goods and services; Proposed session Ghermandi
1820 Ecological-economics valuation and spatial mapping of regulation services in marine systems: results from a study on carbon sequestration in the Mediterranean Sea
Ghermandi, Andrea
1821 Jellyfish Outbreak Impacts on Recreation in the Mediterranean Sea: welfare estimates from a socio-economic pilot survey in Israel
Gowdy, John
W1 R4 1.3.N1 Institutions and policies for ecosystem services in Europe; Proposed session Kluvankova
1895 Institutions and policies for ecosystem services in Europe (introduction)
Kluvankova-Oravska, Tatiana
1896 Modes of ecosystem service governance conditioning the operational applicability of research
Primmer, Eeva
1897 Fiscal innovations for ecosystem governance in Europe
Ring, Irene
1898 Scope and limits of market-based instruments in ecosystem services governance.
Gomez-Baggethun, Erik
W2 R4 1.3.N2 Institutions and policies for ecosystem services in Europe; Proposed session Kluvankova
1899 Ecological fiscal transfers in Portugal: Status quo and perspectives
Ring, Irene
1900 Ecosystem Services in Urban Public Spaces as Commons. Challenges for Behavioral Change?
Finka, Maros
1902 Behavioural change to sustainability of soil ecosystem services in Europe: Methods and analyses,
Kluvankova-Oravska, Tatiana
1903 Ecosystem services and climate change adaptation: Participatory scenario and modelling in diverse European landscapes
Vackar, David
T3 R5 1.3.O Ecosystem services general Droste, Saarikoski
1642 Ecosystem Service Valuation for Local and Regional Decision Makers
Winslow, Maggie
1712 The potential and pitfalls of multi-criteria evaluation methods in valuing ecosystem services
Saarikoski, Heli Virpi
1220 Ecosystem Services in German Infrastructure Legislation
Droste, Nils
1778 Urban Sprawling and Ecosystem Services: A Half Century Perspective in the Montreal Area
Dupras, Jérôme
W1 R5 1.4.A Stewardship of the commons I Kemkes
954 Sustaining Rural Livelihoods to Sustain the Commons in the Republic of Georgia
Kemkes, Robin J.
976 Commoning and Common Information Systems for Social Equity and Ecological Sustainability
Vitari, Claudio
1379 Urban Governance. Sustainable Management of Semi-Public Spaces as Commons
Maco, Michal
W2 R5 1.4.B Stewardship of the commons II Petursson
1128 Co-management regimes for governance of protected areas: Lessons learned from Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.
Pétursson, Jón Geir
1487 Social Preferences under Different Environmental Policy Instruments: A Field Experiment with Fishing Communities based on a Common-Pool Resource Game
Ertor-Akyazi, Pinar
1418 Angles to justice in the fishery - Notions of justice held by users of the ecosystem service fish in Newfoundland, Canada
Kahmann, Birte
1253 Biophysical Constraints, Growth, and Equity: Evidence from India, 1988-2012
Thapliyal, Sneha
T1 R5 1.4.C Stewardship of the commons III Winter
1529 Land-based Certification for Financing Stewardship of Biodiversity in Developing Countries
Winter, Etti Maria
1925 Conservation and change: a global conceptual framework for property rights and compensation
Mauerhofer, Volker
T2 R5 1.4.D Ecological and social impacts of a changing Arctic; Proposed session Garnasjordet
1114 Sustainable development in the Arctic: exploring approaches to policy-relevant indicators in the ECONOR project
Aslaksen, Iulie. Presented by Per Arild Garnåsjordet
1118 Arctic petroleum extraction under climate policies
Lindholt, Lars
1120 The Resource Rent of Norwegian Fisheries
Grimsrud, Kristine
1117 Carbon storage in boreal forests – economic and environmental policy approaches
Holtsmark, Bjart
F1 R5 1.4.E Ecological and social impacts of a changing Arctic; Proposed session Grimsrud
1725 Using cost-benefit analysis as a tool for illustrating natural resource conflicts in the Arctic
Håkansson, Cecilia
1738 The Arctic Species Trend Index: using vertebrate population trends to monitor the health of a rapidly changing ecosystem
McRae, Louise
1140 Ecological impacts in Arctic regions – a pilot study of biodiversity assessments with the GLOBIO model
Van Rooij, Wilbert
F2 R5 1.4.F Policymixes to Conserve Biodiversity in Productive Landscapes in Brazil's Atlantic and Amazon Forests; Proposed session May
May , Peter
1079 The potential of Tradable Development Rights (TDR) to improve effectiveness and reduce the costs of biodiversity conservation: study case in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bernasconi, Paula
1676 The effect of forest proximity on pasture pests in Northwest Mato Grosso, Brazil: a cost-benefit analysis for land use policy
Del Arco Zuñiga, Pablo
1373 The effectiveness and fairness of the “Ecological ICMS” as a fiscal transfer for biodiversity conservation. A tale of two municipalities in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Lima, Guiltherme
1757 Pilot projects and agro-environmental measures in northwest Mato Grosso, Brazil: impacts and lessons for forest frontier “policyscapes”
Davenport, Rob
1743 “Reviewing and suggesting PES in Brazilian Waters (Amazon and Atlantic forest coast)
Begossi, Alpina
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